My Background

My name is Marcus Potter I am a former Division 1 college golfer who has always had a passion for putting. I have been fortunate to learn and be mentored by people who have learned from the great teachers and players through the games history. My mentors and instructors have worked and learned from Multiple Masters Champions, Multiple PGA Champions, British Open Champions, US Open Champions.

Putting in particular has always been a fascination and something I have put untold hours into learning and trying different methods of the greats.

As of April 2020 I have given over 2,300 online lessons and am in my 2 season coaching player(s) on the PGA Tour

I work with the beginner player and players all the way up to the PGA tour

Coach to Matt NeSmith who won the Albertsons Boise Open in August 2019 (KFT Finals Event)

Head to @potters_putting on Instagram to see strokes, lessons transformations, breakdowns, etc...